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How to have multiple orgasms

Normally there are three to five. Multiple orgasms seem to be the ultimate goal of sexual intercourse: harder to achieve, but more tempting.

Achieving multiple orgasms in men is believed to be impossible because there is a refractory period after ejaculation. Nerve and muscle tissues recover from stress and the erection temporarily disappears Malaysia Call Girls. To reboot a person, you need time: from a few hours to several days.

In women, arousal gradually decreases after orgasm. If the erogenous zones continue to be stimulated, the possibility of a repeat climax remains. A woman like that could have many orgasms.

But what is the reality? Can men experience multiple orgasms? It is desirable?

Once, yes once and many times: How do you have many orgasms?

At this time, the muscles contract repeatedly, ejaculation occurs, and endorphins are released into the blood.

It is believed that with the proper technique it is possible to experience a series of consecutive orgasms. In theory, this game can continue indefinitely, in the form of one prolonged orgasm or several clearly defined climaxes Indian Escort In Malaysia.

Is this true in practice? The truth is that multiple orgasms are only possible for a small percentage of women and an even smaller percentage of men.

The Complete Guide to Multiple Orgasms

The orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure. Once this happens, relaxation begins, excitement subsides, and you want to feel happy and content. If you don’t stop at this point and continue stimulating, it is theoretically possible to experience more Independent Escorts In Malaysia orgasms.

There are different types of people:

  • The climax type is capable of experiencing a constant increase in arousal without staying in one phase for long. An orgasm is a high point of arousal that rises and falls rapidly. After orgasm, desire disappears almost immediately and the body needs to rest. This type is less likely to experience multiple orgasms. Most men are peak type.
  • The plateau type takes longer to become aroused. However, people of this type remain in the plateau phase for longer, just before orgasm. After orgasm, arousal does not suddenly decrease and sexual desire remains. Some people are able to consciously control their arousal and return to a plateau after their first orgasm. Women have this capacity. Therefore, girls reach orgasm several times.

For girls

You must know the best way to achieve orgasm. Use toys with your partner or your hand and test how long you can climax without ejaculating. Escort in Malaysia Breathe deeply and evenly until you climax and then allow yourself to orgasm.